Replacing the motorcycle fairing

Replacing the motorcycle fairing

Replacing the motorcycle fairing

Possible solutions for the restoration of bodywork and plastics for motorcycles that have been bought second-hand.

Saga restoration of the sporty Kawasaki ZX6R 636 model 2002 : 18th episode

Finding a motorcycle fairing isn’t as complicated as it used to be. The qualities are variable, the sources are multiple and the valuable is rarer than it seems. So it’s hard to know who to rely on.Between the original and the adaptable, a whole world exists, however, especially in terms of solidity, resistance and above all adaptation.we take stock and compare with the example of our Kawasaki zx6r 636 in full restoration.

Condition of the plastic parts and screws on our sports car

The fairing is incomplete and broken all over.In short, it is not really repairable: a side fairing is missing, the rear hull is cracked, the fork head cover doesn’t stay in place because it’s broken… in places, not to mention the lugs for the optics, optics also broken and repaired by “made in bourrinland” material (screws and metal lug).

In fact, the bike was rebuilt as a sports bike with “cheap” fairings after the previous owner got it back as a Street Bike version.

The previous refit was to be held together by the operation of the Holy Spirit.I would have preferred it to have been by the operation of the Holy Spirit, which would have done a much better job and would have cost me a little less. One can feel that it was done to the economy.

I already checked that the frame had not been touched (dents, deformation, rubbing marks, etc.).The steering stops also appear to be correct, although I can’t tell if they have been filed down or not. In any case, the handlebars don’t touch the tank when I turn and the thumb is not stuck either, which is a good indication.

On the other hand, the fork must have rotated slightly and I have an offset between the left and right rotation. To be seen when disassembling the fork. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Otherwise, I have a good address, in the Paris region: Pierly moto, a professional breakage company that also does general mechanics and frame control, motorcycle mounted, thanks to a marble taken back from RC3D when they were laser cut.And he knows what to do with it: he has an official certification for the control, so you can trust him.

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